COVID-19 has raised public awareness of the need for high standards of cleaning as a measure contributing to the health and safety of people. The cleanliness of private and public places is now more important than ever. A national project is underway to review and update the qualifications and skills standards for cleaning to reflect current work functions and industry practices. To find out more about the proposed changes to strengthen the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations; to expand the Certificate IV in Cleaning to enable specialisations in Management or Disaster Cleaning and Restoration and to discontinue the Certificate II see below.

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This project was completed on the 22nd of October, 2021.

At its July 2021 meeting, the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) endorsed the cleaning project. Thank you to all who contributed to the review of the cleaning qualifications.

We were advised of the Skills Ministers' approval of this project in late September and subject to final QA, the updated training products will be added to the National Training Register in early October.

In response to increasing demand for technical skills to restore fire, smoke and water damage to structures and contents; remediate mould, and decontaminate clandestine drug, trauma and crime scene sites, six newly created units have been added to the CPP40421 Certificate IV in Cleaning. The packaging rules enable an outcome in CPP40421 Certificate IV in Cleaning (Management) or CPP40421 Certificate IV in Cleaning (Specialty Cleaning and Restoration) which is recognised on the testamur.

The CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations includes updated units and improved packaging. It offers flexibility to provide fundamental skills and knowledge in cleaning, depth to support the development of more advanced skills, and breadth to acquire skills transferable to different workplace contexts.

The project proposed that the updated CPP30321 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations be equivalent to and supersede the CPP30316 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations as the occupational outcomes were the same, even though there were changes to the core units. However, the AISC approval of the cleaning training products for endorsement was on the condition that the equivalence status for the Certificate III be changed to ‘non-equivalent ‘.

A new skill set is available, the Introduction to Cleaning Operations. It is designed to provide skills for those entering the industry and is a pathway into the Certificate III in Cleaning Operations. It would also support learners for whom a full qualification may not be suitable.

There are now 29 units of competency specific to cleaning, reduced from 60, which are more coherent and robust.

CPP20617 Certificate II in Cleaning has been deleted. Most units in the Certificate II duplicate functions in a corresponding unit in the Certificate III with insufficient differentiation between the skills and knowledge required to perform the task to justify retaining two units. The duplication between units results in there being little differentiation between the Certificate II and Certificate III outcomes. Industry stakeholders consider that the Certificate II is not required.

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