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Review of Cleaning qualifications

The review of the of the cleaning qualifications provides an opportunity to benefit the cleaning workforce, value add to large and small enterprises and make cleaning a career of choice.

The technical advisory group (TAG) for Cleaning held its first meeting on Friday 30 October 2020. The combined experience and expertise of the TAG members ensures that the project represents diverse sectors of the cleaning industry including commercial, retail, shopping centres, healthcare, childcare, educational institutions, cultural and sporting precincts, food processing plant, end of tenancy cleans and specialist / disaster cleaning. TAG members also contribute a sound understanding of industry training needs.

Key considerations at this early stage of the project are outlined in the table below. The discussion at the first meeting focused on item 1 in the table below. Items 2 and 3 are to be considered at a second TAG meeting to be scheduled for the third week of November 2020. After which a first draft of updated cleaning units and qualifications will be prepared for broad stakeholder consultation.

Training package component Issue and consideration Action
1. Scope/coverage of the qualifications

Increasing requirements for cleaning in infectious, toxic and trauma situations, as well as increasing demand for skills in environmental cleaning after natural disasters (e.g. fire, flood, cyclones).

Are these specialist areas within the scope of the cleaning qualifications? Should they be addressed within the current qualifications? If so, how would this best be achieved?

The TAG agreed that there was a need for training in disaster, trauma/forensic and mould cleaning and remediation.

However, these specialist areas are outside the scope of the current general/commercial cleaning qualifications and suggested that a stand-alone disaster cleaning qualification was required.

The potential for a qualification in Disaster Cleaning is being explored.

Issue Consideration
2. The suite of cleaning qualifications Do the Certificate II in Cleaning, Certificate III in Cleaning Operations and Certificate IV in Cleaning Management best meet industry needs now and into the future?

Are two operational level qualifications, Certificates II and III, required?

Are there distinct vocational outcomes for each?

National Vocstats data shows low enrolment and completion rates for the Certificate IV in Cleaning Management. Is there sufficient industry demand to retain this qualification?

3. Units of competency specific to cleaning Review of the existing units.

Are there any gaps, and areas that need to be expanded?

Are there any areas that are no longer relevant?

Is there replication in units which can be addressed by merging?

Should you have any comments, questions, or feedback, please contact us.

CPP20617 Certificate II in Cleaning
CPP30316 Certificate III in Cleaning Operations
CPP40416 Certificate IV in Cleaning Management
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