Tasmania is rapidly moving to a renewable energy future. This is a pivot point for the state economy, and one that builds upon the legacy of the hydroelectric scheme. Green hydrogen, pumped hydro and wind power will form the future mix of energy output to create market opportunity. Projected job gains and skill requirements will necessitate strong engagement with the education sectors and community to generate enthusiasm for, and awareness of, the many opportunities emerging. Within this context, Artibus Innovation was funded by the Tasmanian Government to develop a hydrogen ready training course that will build a pipeline of new industry entrants.

Project status

The 11136NAT Certificate II in Renewable Energy Pathways has been approved by ASQA, starting 22 of November, 2022.

The course will help establish a pathway and certification for new entrants to participate in the renewables industry. The development of the course required extensive consultation, locally and nationally and provides a start in a career across five industries that underpin the renewables industry.

11136NAT Certificate II in Renewable Energy Pathways (on training.gov.au)

Pathways the course supports

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Unit NAT11136001

Artibus Innovation would like to thank the Tasmanian Government who funded the development of the hydrogen ready training course. With the course now approved by ASQA, the State Government has asked SDG Align to manage the course on its behalf.

Tasmanian Government sponsored Artibus Innovation acknowledges the support of the Department of State Growth, Tasmania as part of the Commonwealth funded Energising Tasmania project.
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