Our commitment to being a B Corp business

We are committed to sustainable development principles and seek opportunities to have impact directly through our work, directly through our people and indirectly through our interactions with stakeholders and the community.

The focus on sustainable development is intensifying across the globe, in industry and society alike. Sustainable Development has implications in all areas of social and economic development and presents significant opportunities for the education and vocational training systems.

Some work has been done in workforce development to incorporate sustainability, but we believe an accelerated scale and speed of change are required to support systemic improvement.

The Australian workforce is ideally placed to drive sustainable development principles and practices in an effective, efficient and enduring manner.  That is why we committed ourselves to becoming a B Corp certified business.

Our work in this space so far

11136NAT Certificate II in Renewable Energy Pathways

To support the Tasmanian Government’s Renewable Energy strategy, it was recognised that an innovative training solution was required to encourage and facilitate more people to seek a career in the renewable industry. 

We worked with university researchers, members of national industry reference committees, registered training organisations, state government bodies, employers and employees to design and develop an entry level Certificate II in Renewable Energy Pathways that provides participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to undertake work in a range of occupational pathways in the renewables sector (e.g., wind, solar, hydro and hydrogen).

11136NAT Certificate II in Renewable Energy Pathways is now available on the national register.

Please contact course owner SDG Align to discuss delivery arrangements.