Founded in 2016 and based in nipaluna/Hobart (TAS), Artibus Innovation (Artibus) is a B Corp Certified consultancy that designs and develops solutions to enhance workforce capability. We favour co design approaches and work closely across different levels of government in partnership with industry, stakeholders, businesses and communities. 

Artibus was initially formed as a national Skills Service Organisation (SSO) appointed by the Commonwealth of Australia to manage the Vocational Education & Training (VET) training packages for the construction and property services sectors.  


The consultancy team at Artibus Innovation works with private, public and community sectors to deliver specialist services ranging from strategy and planning to workforce development, training package/product development, organisational capability, secretariat and project management services. 

Our service offering is adapted and scaled to work alongside our clients and industry stakeholders on projects that add value to their strategic objectives while also benefiting Australian communities.

Our why: We endeavour to have a positive impact on the performance of Australia’s workforce and industries.

Vision: To create opportunities and deliver social, economic, and sustainable outcomes that value add to the lives of people and communities in Australia.

Mission: To empower and enhance the performance and sustainability of people and business through skills and jobs.

Our Values:

  • Mutual Trust: We build on our existing trust and alliances to further our business objectives.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: We ensure the diverse voices of stakeholders are heard.
  • Quality and Innovation: We partner with industry and government bodies to deliver high quality innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration and Co-design: We bring stakeholder, clients, community, government, and industry sectors together to co-design solutions.
  • Sustainable Development: We work to ensure business outcomes contribute to sustainable development outcomes.
  • Openness and Transparency: We build trust through open policies and communication.

We are a B Corp certified business. We share and are committed to the vision to contribute to a better economic system where businesses can benefit people, communities, and the planet. 

As a B Corp business we meet high standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency. Through our work we also aim to actively foster strong diverse and inclusive relationships and contribute to sustainable development outcomes.