Current strata management is a far cry from previous decades, and the responsibilities on managers these days is increasingly heavy. Lifts, basements, air conditioning and heating systems, complex fire safety systems, gyms, pools, saunas and rooftop gardens each come with their own rules, regulations, maintenance schedules and specialised maintenance and repair requirements. Even older or smaller complexes are much more complicated to manage, as new legislation covering accessibility, energy efficiency, insurance, pool and sauna usage and waste management, among others, add to the intricacy of managing a strata scheme. The Strata Community Management Project will update and streamline qualifications in Strata Community Management. Deleting CPP30416 Certificate III in Strata Community Management and updating CPP40516 Certificate IV in Strata Community Management will better align training with contemporary practices and improve occupational outcomes for industry.

Stage 1
Project commencement
and planning
Stage 2
Consultation on
Draft 1
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
AISC approval of
Case for Endorsement
Stage 6
Stage 3

Validation Consultation round

A subject matter working group, comprising industry representatives from all states and territories, has held several meetings to review the technical content of the proposed CPP40521 Certificate IV in Strata Community Management and units of competency.

The scope of the project also includes deletion of the CPP50316 Diploma of Strata Community Management however, industry consultation is indicating a desire to retain and update this qualification. The CPP30416 Certificate III in Strata Community Management will be deleted.

The working group has looked closely at the functions, skills and knowledge covered by the Certificate IV qualification to update and improve occupational outcomes for industry. This work has resulted in changes to the packaging arrangements to better align the qualification with contemporary practices and emerging skills needs in strata community management.

Units of competency identified as fundamental to the occupation have been significantly updated and modified to ensure they reflect specific strata community management requirements.

Remaining units have been marked for deletion as they duplicated units already updated or functions covered by cross-industry units or were no longer relevant to the role. A mapping document summarising the current status of units of competency can be found in the downloads below.

Case for Change Stata Community Management
CPP40521 Certificate IV in Strata Community Management
Strata Community Management Issues Register
Strata Community Management Mapping
Strata Units of Competency
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Due for submission on the 30th of June, 2021
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