While traditional construction skills remain at the core of shopfitting, the profession increasingly requires a wider range of skills and knowledge. Shopfitters need to be confident in using rapidly evolving technologies such as computer-aided design and fabrication. They need to be familiar with new materials and modular products and need to understand the requirements of the National Construction Code and other regulations. Shopfitting requires more than just a purely utilitarian approach to the installation of counters, displays, shelves, lighting and other fixtures. Rising competition, including from online businesses, is driving retail and service industries to focus on the use of commercial spaces not just for efficient delivery of goods and services but also to enhance customer experience and engagement. An industry-led review has been undertaken to ensure that the Certificate III in Shopfitting meets the need of this changing environment. The Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC are now seeking your  feedback to validate that the updated qualification and units meet industry needs. To find out more, see our project page.