Building surveyors play a key role in ensuring the safety, energy-efficiency and accessibility of the built environment. Recent building failures and tragedies in Australia and overseas have highlighted the importance of the profession and of the need for rigorous and comprehensive training. Consequently, the Construction, Plumbing and Services IRC has appointed a technical advisory group (TAG) to review vocational education and training for building surveyors. The group has met on six occasions over the last few months, and its members have worked closely with their industry networks. They’ve made a number of recommendations.
  • deletion of the graduate diploma
  • limitations on building sizes for the advanced diploma—up to two storeys and 500 m2
  • adding four units to the advanced diploma from the Certificate IV in Building and Construction
  • inclusion of units on performance solutions, ethics, bushfire attack levels, thermal performance and energy efficiency
For more details and an opportunity to provide feedback, please see our project page.

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