The Future Role of the Property IRC

Australia’s built environment not only houses the majority of Australians and their commercial activity, it also makes a significant direct contribution to the economy and employs millions of Australians. The built environment value chain encompasses a lifecycle from urban planning to renewal. Structurally it is segmented, with many interests focused on sector impacts rather than whole of industry benefit. This is highlighted in the Building Confidence report which highlights some of the weaknesses of a siloed and developer led industry.

The value chain is experiencing significant disruption including Building Information Modelling (BIM), robotics, automation and advanced manufacturing. Technology disruption is not confined to single sector, but the impacts are being felt right across the value chain.

The parallel challenges and opportunities of building confidence, sustainable development and digital disruption, point to the need for a significant industry transformation – with changes required to how the industry plans, designs, constructs and manages the built environment. This transformation will be felt across the entire value chain especially in the area of skills and workforce development.

The Built Environment Cycle