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Summary of development

The period to provide feedback on the second draft of training products for the building surveying national qualification review (VET) has now opened for validation. 

Industry experts have been consulted to review units of competency to ensure compliance with the National Construction Code 2019 and reflect other key developments in industry. 

The purpose of validation is to ensure the:

  1. content and structure of proposed training package products meets industry needs
  2. proposed changes made to the CPC60120 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying and units are relevant to industry needs and fit for purpose
  3. stakeholders support the proposed qualification and units of competency being submitted for endorsement.

Proposed key changes

Proposed key changes are outlined below:

Component(s) Proposed change(s)
CPC60120 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying Modifications to the packaging rules of the CPC60120 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying have been undertaken to ensure it meets industry needs. Four Certificate IV units on building and construction have been included in the core. The qualification also includes imported units relating to bushfire attack levels, access and energy efficiency. The proposed qualification is non-equivalent.
CPC80215 Graduate Diploma of Building Surveying The CPC80215 Graduate Diploma of Building Surveying is being proposed for deletion due to low enrolments and lack of industry demand. This deletion has been directed by the Australian Industry and Skills and Committee (AISC).
Units of competency/Assessment requirements

The units of competency and assessment requirements have been updated to ensure alignment with the NCC and industry expectations. Key changes include:

  1. building size delineation – it was 2000m2 and now is 500 m2
  2. building storey limitation – it was three storeys and now is two storeys
  3. the removal of the following statement from the assessment conditions: “current membership of a relevant industry association and have current registration on the National Building Professionals Register in the Building Industry Control category (level 1) or be accredited under the Australian Institute of Building Surveyors (AIBS) National Accreditation Scheme at Building Surveyor level”.
Skill set The CPCSS00004 Provide building surveying services for residential buildings up to three storeys has been updated to reflect the recent changes to the units of competency and assessment requirements.

To read about the changes that have been applied to these units, please download the Summary of Changes Document.

Thank you to those who participated in the recent validation survey. Your responses are being evaluated and will be presented to the TAG at their next meeting.

Please note: the qualification includes four draft units from the Certificate IV in Building and Construction as core. These units are expected to be endorsed before this qualification is finalised. To view the units see the project downloads below.

The project is expected to be considered for implementation by the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) at their meeting on 13 October 2020.

Project downloads
CPC60120 Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying
Skill Set - CPCSS00004 Provide building surveying services for residential buildings up to two storeys
Summary of Changes - Building Surveying Validation
TAG Composition and Meetings 13 May 2020
Units of Competency - Building and Construction
Units of Competency - Building Surveying
Project Contact
Contact: Charles Donnelly

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