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This project was completed on the 19th of February, 2020.

On behalf of the Property Services IRC, Artibus Innovation has reviewed the waste management components in the CPP Property Services Training Package.


The updated qualifications and units have now received official endorsement by the COAG Skills Council and are live on

The Property Services IRC would like to thank all the industry stakeholders who gave their time and energy to reviewing and shaping the training package components.

The two revised qualifications have been structured to enhance flexibility and to support individuals to transition from one related occupation to another.

CPP30719 Certificate III in Waste Management

This qualification has two waste streams, collection and processing. It prepares people for operational roles such as machine and plant operators, sorters and recyclers.

CPP40919 Certificate IV in Waste Management

This qualification prepares people for administration and supervisory roles in a variety of contexts, including waste collection, landfill operations, waste management logistics planning, waste minimisation, customer service and sales.

In line with the implementation of the government’s reforms to training packages which include removing obsolete and underused qualifications from the system, two qualifications with minimal uptake are proposed for deletion:

  • CPP20411 Certificate II in Waste Management
  • CPP50811 Diploma of Waste Management.

Repetition across units has been removed by merging 35 units to create 10 new and 11 revised waste management units of competency. To further improve the efficiency of the training system at the unit level, a total of 19 units are proposed for deletion from the national register as they are outdated and replicate cross-sector units or are deemed outside the scope of waste management.

The final draft units and qualifications and a mapping which summarises changes are available below.

For further information please contact the project manager on the details below.

Certificate III in Waste Management

Certificate IV in Waste Management

Contact: Frances Lamb

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