Due to an omission in the CPC Training Package (Release 7.0), the following units of competency appeared as deleted in training.gov.au:

CPCPCM5014 - Design sewer infrastructure systems
CPCPDR3024 - Maintain and service domestic treatment plants and onsite sewerage facilities
CPCPFS4022 - Commission and maintain special hazard fire suppression systems
CPCPFS4023 - Commission fire system pumpsets
CPCPFS4025 - Commission fire alarm and detection system interface devices
CPCPFS4026 - Commission firefighting appliances
CPCPFS4027 - Commission fire sprinkler systems
CPCPFS5010 - Design fire-compliant hydraulic services
CPCPFS5012 - Design fire hydrant and hose reel systems
CPCPPS5000 - Design gas bulk storage systems
CPCPPS5001 - Design industrial gas systems
CPCSFS5017 - Create detailed designs for foam suppression systems.

These units have now been reinstated.

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