Recent times have seen an increase in the use of precast concrete in construction, with demand globally predicted to increase at 6.5% per year, at an estimated $185.35 billion by 2023. However, this increase has been marked by a number of incidents of improper installation, such as concrete panels falling from heights in Canberra and Queensland, which in some cases has resulted in deaths. Due to its size and weight, precast concrete has particular concerns around proper technique in temporary support and lifting during installation.

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Precast concrete is ubiquitous in the modern built environment. It is available in a range of sizes, shapes and finishes and is used in low-rise and high-rise buildings, landscaping, and civil construction. Precast concrete products offer an efficient, cost effective, and sustainable method of construction. Construction work with precast concrete requires precision installation.

A committee of subject matter experts has developed 7 draft units of competency and a draft qualification framework. Stakeholders provided valuable feedback on the first draft of the units of competency and on the qualification packaging. The updated components can be downloaded below.

The focus of this development has been on understanding the processes and plans determined by erection designers and on safety requirements. It is understood that riggers play an important part in this work, often undertaking all the tasks involved and at other times lifting and placing the elements with other workers completing the installation. The proposed units have been developed with these themes in mind. It is envisaged that this package will enable people who currently undertake this work to upskill and to formalise their work experience, providing a pathway to further construction jobs. It will also enable people wishing to enter the construction industry to target their training for this field of work.

The Construction IRC is seeking further feedback on the packaging of this training.

Skill Sets

Three skill sets are proposed for this package.

Skill set CPCSS00007 Prefabricated concrete element installation general skill set would provide a pathway for graduates of CPC20120 Certificate II in Construction to achieve the Certificate II in Prefabricated concrete element installation.

The reason behind the single unit skill sets is to enable easy access to training to enhance competencies already achieved. It is also more convenient for industry and learners to identify the competencies developed specifically for their sector.

CPCSS00007 Prefabricated concrete element installation general skill set

  • CPCPRE2001 Brace and prop prefabricated concrete elements
  • CPCPRE2002 Remove temporary supports from prefabricated concrete elements
  • CPCPRE2004 Grout prefabricated concrete elements
  • CPCPRE2006 Caulk prefabricated concrete elements
  • CPCPRE3001 Patch prefabricated components of concrete elements

CPCSS00008 Lift and place prefabricated concrete elements skill set

  • CPCPRE3000 Lift and place prefabricated concrete elements

CPCSS00009 Inspect the erection of prefabricated concrete elements skill set

  • CPCPRE4001 Inspect the erection of prefabricated concrete elements

The validation period for this project will close on Tuesday 31st May 2022.

This project is due to be submitted to the Department of Education, Skills and Employment in September 2022.

Prefabricated concrete element installation validation

Case for Change - Precast concrete installation-in-building-and-construction
CPC20822 Prefabricated Concrete Element Installation Validation Draft
Skill Set - Inspect the erection of prefabricated concrete elements
Skill Set - Lift and place prefabricated concrete elements
Skill Set - Prefabricated concrete element installation general skill set
Units of Competency
Contact: Wendy McLeod
Due for submission in September 2022
Project last updated: May 2022
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