Project: NatHERS and Home Sustainability

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This project was completed on the 28th of October, 2019.

The final drafts of the Certificate IV in Home Energy Efficiency and Sustainability and units of competency are now available for validation that they accurately reflect current industry skills, knowledge and practices and job functions.

In the first round of consultation, 27 February - 20 March 2019, feedback was received from 115 respondents. This has been analysed and considered with assistance from the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Feedback in the main supported the integrated qualification for the flexibility it provided. It enables candidates to specialise in thermal performance or home sustainability, or both. It was recognised that many practitioners nowadays do both thermal performance and home sustainability assessments.

The objections to the integrated qualification seemed to be from practitioners who assumed that they would need to retrain in the new qualification. This is not the case. Other objections were based on concern that candidates for the thermal performance specialisation would be forced to complete home sustainability units. The packaging rules can be applied so that this does not happen.

Feedback was received for nine out of the twelve units, two of which were developed to be used across sectors in the property services industry.

  • CPPHSA4XXX Research and assess impact of building elements on thermal performance of residential buildings
  • CPPHSA4XXX Operate and maintain computer system to support thermal performance assessments
  • CPPHSA4XXX Conduct thermal performance assessment of residential buildings
  • CPPHSA4XXX Conduct thermal performance assessment of complex residential buildings
  • CPPHSA4XXX Assess household energy use and efficiency improvement
  • CPPHSA4XXX Assess thermal performance of residential buildings using non-rating tools and techniques
  • CPPHSA4XXX Promote the adoption of home sustainability practices by residents
  • CPPCMN4XXX Manage own work, professional development and ethical behaviour
  • CPPCMN4XXX Implement safe work practices in the property industry

To read how feedback was considered and applied, refer to the summary table below.

There were no objections to the proposal that the Diploma of Residential Building Energy Assessment would lapse as no RTO has had it on scope and there have never been any enrolments. The limited feedback received on the proposed deletion of 13 units was in favour as duplication across units was reduced.

A summary of the stages of the project to date and a unit mapping is provided in the Project Brief 1 NatHERS and Home Sustainability.

Final consultation

The final draft documents are now available for comment and validation.

Contact: Frances Lamb

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