Integrated digital delivery (IDD) is helping to create a cleaner, greener, more efficient built environment. Technology such as building information modelling (BIM) is used throughout a building’s life cycle:
  • design
  • off-site fabrication of components
  • construction
  • ongoing facilities management and maintenance
By combining spatial information with a wide range of other data, BIM provides a shared platform for parties involved at all these stages. It replaces disconnected documents and technologies with a single, up-to-date, collaborative workspace, improving clarity, communication and decision-making. The Property Services IRC is currently examining the skills and training needed in this area. For more information, please see the project page.
Please note, the Construction IRC has a somewhat similar—but separate—project on BIM awareness in the construction industry. Although these projects are being developed separately, both IRCs are keen to ensure that units and skill sets from each training package complement (rather than duplicate) each other.

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