Project: BIM Awareness

Stage 1
Project commencement
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Consultation on
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AISC approval of
Case for Endorsement
Stage 6
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Stage 6

This project was completed on the 8th of January, 2021.

Summary of development

This project has developed a skill set in BIM awareness for the CPC Construction, Plumbing and Services Training Package. BIM is an emerging technology within the construction industry and will be a requirement across many occupations, making a skill set in BIM awareness an essential component of the training package.

A Technical Advisory Group (TAG) guided the development of three units of competency which will be presented as a BIM awareness skill set:

CPCSS00006 Apply BIM Processes to Construction Work – Skill Set

  • CPCBIM4001 Plan to comply with BIM requirements for construction work
  • CPCBIM4002 Use BIM processes to carry out construction work
  • CPCBIM4003 Contribute to BIM deliverables for construction work

Project status

On behalf of the Construction Industry Reference Committee, Artibus Innovation is pleased to announce that at the October 2020 meeting, the Australian Industry Skills Committee (AISC) fully endorsed Release 6.0 of the Construction, Plumbing and Services (CPC) Training Package.

We would like to sincerely thank the people who participated in these updates to the training package, whether through TAG membership, the provision of expert advice, attendance at forums and/or providing stakeholder feedback. It is great to see the commitment and passion within the vocational education sector which is a tribute to the sector as a whole.

What happens next

Artibus Innovation is working with the Department of Education, Skills and Employment to synchronise release of training package updates, endorsed at the August meeting of the Australian Industry Skills Committee, in an effort to minimise the use of superseded units in newly updated qualifications.

This includes updating qualification templates with the latest version of imported units.

We anticipate that will have these updates available in mid November.

CPCSS00006 Apply BIM Processes to Construction Work