Artibus Stages

Our projects are taken through a number of key stages. These stages include initial project planning, research and training package development through to the final approvals and submission to the Department. Throughout the process we engage industry experts and gather advice, with opportunities for the public to provide feedback along the way.

We provide project updates through our regular newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Stage 1

Project commencement and planning: here we begin putting together the project team, drafting project plans and calendars, and develop a Project Scope and Management Plan (PSMP). The PSMP helps us to identify, schedule and resource primary tasks and activities the project may require. We may also open up opportunities for those in relevant industries to apply for membership of any Technical Advisaory Groups (TAGs), depending on project needs.

Stage 2

Training package development: during stage 2, we generally develop two lots of draft packs, which incoprorate rounds of public consultation and feedback opportunities. Draft packs are made available as downloads on the project page, with further information on how members of the public can provide their feedback. We often advertise these activities in our regular newsletter.

Stage 3

Industry validation: the traning package components are now at a stage where we can seek validation on the developed components. Validation gives industry and the public the opportunity to provide their 'seal of approval' on the developed training package components before we move into our quality assurance stages.

Stage 4

Quality assurance: this is our editorial and equity stage, where we provide our validated training package components to selected quality assurance panel member(s) for their advice and input. Feedback is considered carefully before finalising and submission to the AISC.

Stage 5

AISC approval: the AISC considers the new training pack components for approval and implementation, with official sign-off by the State Training Authorities, the respective IRC Chair and submission to the Department.

Stage 6

Endorsed: once project components have been endorsed and approved for implementation, they are uploaded to for public use in the VET system.