Renewable hydrogen is emerging as a key technology in Australia’s energy future, with Australia’s National Hydrogen Strategy (the National Strategy) published in November 2019 outlining a national commitment and process for its uptake. Hydrogen is a low or no emissions alternative to natural gas that can assist in assuring liquid fuels security, provide energy grid support, and address the persistently high costs of natural gas for domestic use. The Construction IRC has directed Artibus Innovation to undertake exploratory research in the area and their likely impacts on workers skills training within construction and plumbing.

At present, up to eight units of competency are being considered for plumbers to work with 100% Hydrogen fuel, post meter. A unit for the installation of fuel cells is also being considered. The working group's proposal will soon be published for wider comment.

If you would like to know more about this project or to provide input, please email Manuel at  Your contribution would be most welcome.