Bushfires have long been an issue in Australia, but recent years have seen a significant increase in their size and intensity, and catastrophic bushfires have become distressingly regular occurrences. One of the many ways Australia manages this increased risk of bushfire is by mandating the use of bushfire attack level assessment (BAL). Building Surveyors, Ecologists, Builders, Land Use Planners, Fire Agency staff, Environmental Planning, Natural Resource Managers, Fire Safety Engineers, and Architects, for instance, all regularly need to be, or rely on, qualified practitioners in BAL assessment. At present, training in BAL assessment is limited to university qualifications offered by only 2 institutions, which places an onerous burden on any individual or business wishing to acquire these skills. The Property Services IRC has directed Artibus Innovation to look into potential impacts and benefits of adding further training in this area to the national register.

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