Building, Infrastructure, Construction and Property

Artibus Innovation is organising a co-design process to bring together industry in developing the new industry cluster proposal for Building, Infrastructure, Construction, and Property.  Bringing together key industry stakeholders, as well as employers, RTOs, peak associations, and others, we want to collaboratively design the best possible Industry Cluster to represent the Building, Infrastructure, Construction and Property sectors across vocational training.

We will be engaging with stakeholders across the sector in a number of ways, including hosting a series of public forums. These forums will inform the design of the industry cluster by inviting stakeholders across the sector to share their views and insights on what frameworks and arrangements would best support the Industry Cluster's core functions of Industry Stewardship, Workforce Planning, and Implementation, Promotion and Monitoring within the sector. Feedback and outcomes from these forums will be integrated into the proposal for Industry Cluster grant and provided to participants. You can register to attend these forums using the buttons below.


The Australian Government is establishing Industry Clusters to provide industry with a stronger, more strategic voice and broader role in ensuring Australia’s VET system continues to deliver on employer and learner needs. The initiative forms part of the broader Skills Reform Agenda, which aims to improve the quality, accessibility and relevance of the VET sector.

The Industry Clusters will be groups of aligned industries with a strategic leadership role to identify, forecast, and respond to the current and emerging skills needs and workforce challenges of industry. 

Industry Clusters will be established through a two-stage grant opportunity approach to market. The first stage will involve an open competitive process seeking proposals to establish and subsequently operate an Industry Cluster. The second stage will involve a closed non-competitive process to enable the newly established clusters to put forward detailed proposals to deliver on their full functions. More information on this process is available under Industry Engagement Reforms on the Skills Reform website.

Our Approach

As an established national organisation with respected capability in the area, we have unparalleled exposure to the changes needed. We welcome the new reforms and believe that, to benefit all, an ideal platform needs to be co-designed with industry.

An ideal platform for the industry cluster would recognise the changes needed to the current system and build on that recognition to benefit from the opportunities arising from the new reforms. We will be facilitating a series of conversations with industry to design its cluster, initially focusing on developing the governance structure and industry coverage. To start these conversations, we will be suggesting models and arrangements to industry which will be refined and tailored by industry to meet the distinct needs and respond to the workforce demands and challenges across its industries.

Industry Cluster Composition

Building, Infrastructure, Construction and Property (BICPIC)

There are five industries that are nominated in the Building, Infrastructure, Construction and Property Industry Cluster. This Cluster covers property services (e.g., real estate) and small- or large-scale construction services, including traditional building and construction trades (e.g. plumbing, tiling, carpentry) as well as large scale civil infrastructure services (e.g. road, dam, bridge and tunnel construction).

Industries InvolvedTraining PackageANZSIC Coverage
Construction, Plumbing and FireCPC/CPC08 Construction, Plumbing and ServicesDivision E - Construction
Property ServicesCPP/CPP07 Property ServicesDivision L – Rental, hiring and real estate:
• Property operators and real estate services
Division N – Administrative and support services:
• Building cleaning, pest control and other support services
Water SupplyNWP National WaterDivision D – Electricity, gas, water and waste services:
• Water supply, sewerage and drainage services
• Waste collection, treatment and disposal services
Civil InfrastructureRII Resources and Infrastructure Industry (civil infrastructure)Division E – Construction
ElectricalUEE Electrotechnology (general electrical services)Division E – Construction
Proposed Industry Cluster Composition

To register your interest in the Building, Infrastructure, Construction and Property Industry Cluster Design process, sign up here